Box negative pressure water equipment

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Box-type negative pressure water supply equipment can be directly linked with the water supply network to ensure that the water supply network does not produce negative pressure at the peak will close the water tank pressurized water supply pipe network to compensate for the lack of water to meet the needs of users of water equipment . Mainly by the sealed water tank, the main pump unit, inverter control cabinet, booster device, water diversion device, steady flow tank, no negative pressure flow controller, packing device and pressure sensor.

1, advanced products, reliable quality, a high degree of standardization, good versatility
2, box-type negative pressure water equipment using fully enclosed buffer and dynamic compensation of the diaphragm tank, and the current market generally no negative pressure water supply equipment more practical significance. And make the control system simplified.
3, low operating noise
4, efficient energy saving
5, eliminating the secondary pollution of the underground pool
6, personalized design, long life
7. Full-featured, high degree of intelligence, self-adaptability to eliminate the secondary pollution of the underground pool

1, box-type negative pressure water equipment selection must consider the actual conditions, only suitable for use under the premise of box-type negative pressure can be used. Many should use the tank without negative pressure occasions do not because of the so-called safety considerations box negative pressure, which will not only increase the cost, but also due to improper use of equipment caused many problems. 2, the user must distinguish between the switching type and differential compensation type difference. We think that the switch-type box without negative pressure can not be called a real negative pressure, because the tank can not effectively uphold the advantages of negative pressure to avoid the shortcomings of the tank to change box. 3, the size of the tank must be selected in line with the actual, not the bigger the better, otherwise there will be water tank circulation problems, leading to reduced backwater and residual chlorine. 4, the complex tank also involves on-site processing and construction management and other comprehensive issues, small-scale enterprises is difficult to do a good job, it is recommended to use strong technology, credit good large enterprise products.



High degree of intelligence, adaptability

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