Buried sewage treatment equipment

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domestic sewage

u  Grille

u  Regulation pool

u  Pump

u  Primary sedimentation tank

u  level biological pool

u  level biological pool

u  Second settling tank

u  Disinfection tank

u  Emission


Equipment scope

1.Water treatment:1.0-80.0m3/h, More than 80m3/h when the need for separate design

2.The scope of application

u  Hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals

u  Residential area, village, market town

u  Station, airport, harbor terminal

u  Factories, mines, troops, tourist spots, scenic areas

u  A variety of similar with domestic sewage



Main feature

u  Can be buried below the surface, the upper plant planting flowers, lawn, can also be set indoors

u  High degree of automation equipment, without professional management

u  Simple and convenient operation, easy maintenance, new technology, good effect, long service life

u  Equipment running costs low


High processing efficiency

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