Integrated prefabricated pumping station

Integrated prefabricated pumping station

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Durable Pit Shaft Design

The first pit shaft one-time formed with computer-controlled integral winding technology in the industry to eliminate leakages and cracks caused by manual secondary connection

100% alkali free high quality resin with zero additives

GRP content up to 75%

Bottom wall thickness increased by up to 20% to resist higher pressure

Zero leakage

Service life of pit shaft up to 30 years


GRP Pit Shaft vs. Concrete Water Reservoir


GRP Pit Shaft


Concrete Water Reservoir


30000T/D for example


30000T/D for example


Lead time


15 days


Lead time


Min. 60 days














Commonly seen










Compressive   strength



Compressive   strength



Environmental   friendliness


No pollution to groundwater


Environmental   friendliness


Risk of   pollution caused by leakage


Manufacturing   cost


Unattended process with   computer-controlled integral winding technology


Manufacturing   cost


Expensive labor   cost


Excellent Pump Pit Design

CFD designed pump pit with less sediments in the bottom and less odor

National patent technologies applied

Test results show that sedimentation in the bottom can be solved by CFD pump pit plus flushing valves

Excellent Pump Pit Design Excellent Pump Pit Design Excellent Pump Pit Design Excellent Pump Pit Design

Standardized Factory Prefabrication

Lean production for higher quality; attention to details for perfect experience.

All parts go through strict tests before assembly

High Matching degree of parts

Scientific and rigorous process

Whole process inspections and tests before delivery

Original data archived for future reference


Unattended Process

Intelligent control ensures unattended operation

CPRS remote monitoring puts everything under control

Outdoor design with control system integrated into the top of pump station or installed nearby


Model Selection Guide

 Model Selection of Pump Stations

Before selecting a suitable model, we need to know:

 1. Parameters and elevations

Designed flow rate and lift

Number of pumps, including working pumps and standby pumps. Floor elevation, inlet/outlet pipe elevations. Inlet/outlet pipe diameter.

2.  Application

Intended application, including civil works, industries, constructions or other indoor/outdoor, aboveground/underground, media type, temperature, etc.

3. Structural type

Modular wet dip pump station (standard), modular integrated pump station, wet dip pump station with a service room or customized pump station.

4.Material of internal pipes, 304 stainless steel (standard) or 316.

5.Level sensor and pressure sensor (standard), floating ball switch, or ultrasonic level sensor (optional).

6. Bucket type grille (standard), shredder grille, simple deodorizing device, lifting device.

7.Control system, automatic level control, manual control or GPRS remote control.





Highly Durable GRP Shaft Body

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