No negative pressure water equipment

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No negative pressure water equipment eight advantages

1. No negative pressure on the municipal pipe network

System and municipal water pipe network directly tap water pressure operation, will not cause municipal water pipe network negative pressure

2. High-quality intelligent computer control

System has a variety of functions, to provide cutting-edge precision control, has reached the world's leading level

3. Highly automated

The system can realize automatic control, with automatic switching, main and auxiliary pump timing rotation, pressure adjustment, constant pressure, high and low voltage protection, leakage protection, overload protection, overheat protection, water protection, water stop pump, instantaneous trip protection . The other can be configured according to user needs man-machine interface, remote adjustment, testing and maintenance

4. health

Closed without negative pressure device real-time replacement, to ensure water hygiene

5. Energy saving

Pump control technology allows the feedwater system to operate at variable frequency, overcoming the power waste caused by the motor's lowest frequency limit

6.Borrow pressure

Equipment with running water pipe network pressure, and on the basis of pressure, to save energy

7. Keep outlet constant pressure

Equipment real-time through the pressure sensor detects the outlet pressure, the measured value and set value comparison operation, in order to achieve the purpose of water supply


The use of the best quality parts, is to save all customers the use of failure rates, thereby reducing the use of non-vacuum products, customers use the production costs and maintenance costs


Technical Parameters

Flow range:0-1000m3/h

Pressure range:0-2.5MPa

Control power: ≤550KW

Pressure regulation accuracy: ≤0.01MPa

environment humidity:0-+40℃

Current compensator:0.5m3—100m3

Highly automated

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