Pure water reverse osmosis equipment

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The principle of pure water anti-penetration equipment technology is that under the pressure of solution osmotic pressure, the solute in the solution is separated from the solvent by the selective interception of the semi-permeable membrane which only allows water to permeate but does not allow other substances to permeate Reverse osmosis separation characteristics, can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, organic matter, bacteria, microorganisms and other impurities in the water, the device has low energy consumption, pollution-free, advanced technology and so on.

Raw water → raw water tank → raw water pump → multi-media filter (quartz sand filter) → activated carbon filter → water softener (anti-scaling device) → precision filter → high pressure pump → primary reverse osmosis (RO) device → UV disinfection device (ozone sterilization device) → water point

1. Reverse osmosis membrane for the import of roll-type composite membrane. Membrane material: Aromatic polyamide.
2. Permeability, desalination rate. Under normal circumstances ≥ 98%
3. On organic matter, colloids, particles, bacteria, viruses, heat, etc. have a high retention of removal.
4. Small energy consumption, water utilization, operating costs lower than other desalination equipment.
5. The separation process has no phase change, with reliable stability.
6. Equipment, small size, simple operation, easy maintenance, adaptability, long service life

Low energy consumption, no pollution

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