Sewage Treatment Equipment

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u  Not blocked

Separation of exhaust emissions using unique technology, the pump impeller does not contact debris, will not cause winding and clogging, extending pump life

u  No precipitation, no digging

Achieve debris in sewage separation technology, the use of water pumps to discharge sewage pressure, sewage will be discharged together, with the function of backwash to solve the problem of sediment must be cleared due to dirt

u  No pollution

Equipment fully enclosed design, no spill, no smell, protect the surrounding environment

u  Small footprint

u  Can achieve sterilization

Various types of sewage can be automatically disinfected, reach the emission standards after the discharge

u  Automatic operation function

u  Basement without water


Raw water → Grille → Regulating tank →Lifting pump →Bioreactor →Circulating pump → Membrane module →Sterilizing device → Intermediate water tank →Intermediate water recycle system



The scope of application

u  Basement kitchen and toilet sewage discharge

u  Underground shopping malls, restaurants, bathing and other service-oriented sewage discharge

u  Subway station, underground passage and other sewage discharge

u  Urban areas, small unmanned sewage pumping station


Conditions of Use

u  Power frequency 50HZ, three-phase AC 380V, single-phase 220V

u  Sewage debris (including flexible debris and solid particles) to be able to flow automatically in the pipeline

u  Sewage temperature does not exceed 40 ℃, PH value of 4-10, sewage density ≤ 1200kg / m3

u  Control cabinet humidity does not exceed 80%

Sterilization, automatic operation

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